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1939-45 War • Joan Mary Hughes

• Leading Wren 15809 "HMS Midge" • Killed in Action 1943
Joan Hughes was one of the eight Wrens killed on Thursday the 18th of March 1943. In bad weather at 6.28 a.m a lone Luftwaffe Dornier Do217 flew over the south part of Great Yarmouth and dropped six bombs. One scored a direct hit on a house at the corner of Queens Rd and Nelson Rd South which was used as a WRNS hostel. The house was destroyed and fire broke out. The girls were asleep. The rescuers tunnelled into the rubble and found a group of 5 unhurt. Thirteen were rescued from the ruins, another 27 were badly injured, eight died.

• born 23rd January 1923 • killed Thurs 18th March 1943 aged 20 years

• Grave 59-Great Yarmouth (Caistor) Cemetery,Norfolk

HMS Midge was a shore establishment at Fish Wharf, Gt Yarmouth. At the time it was the base for 53 M.T.B s Motor Torpedo Boat and M.G.B s Motor Gun Boat primarily used in pairs for shipping convoy escort in the North Sea.