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Postwar • Horizontal Floral Bands

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Every modern woman knows that horizontal broad bands are not flattering.
Bear in mind that during the fifties a woman who was " supermodel thin" would be pitied rather than admired. Exremely thin women were seen by men as slightly unhealthy or sickly. The standard desired by men and women in these times were curves. The broadening effect of bands was cancelled at the waist by a tight belt.

Very few houses had central heating most had inadequate heating.

The food rationing of the war years had left a civilian population where obeseity was uncommon. In that respect the British people were in fact the healthiest they had ever been. A natural result of the gradual ending of food shortages was a slight increase in the average weight of most people; not seen as a bad thing at the time.
The shortening widening effect of broad bands did not worry them.


Some of the last "Utility" skirts and dresses produced were in this pattern material.