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1939-45  • Home Guard

• The Land Defence Volunteers formed in May 1940 were renamed the Home Guard in July.•

• The Sussex 9th Battalion Home Guard • SX9• Shoreham •

The Home Guard recruited men between 17 and 65 not already in military service
Formed as a part-time defence force against intruders or invasion. Their strength was local knowledge.
When first formed they had few weapons and no uniform.At first volunteers were issued with an armband.

He wears the County ( Sussex ) Regiment cap badge. On his arm is a white on khaki Home Guard shoulder title and a black on khaki SX for Sussex and the battalion number 9 which was based in the coastal town of Shoreham.

Photograph by Wells of Lancing.

Date about 1943: Age about 17 years old  • Estimate: born 1926± 3 years