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Twenties and Thirties • Girl Guides

• The 1920 guide usually wore a blouse over a separate skirt.The full length dress came in about 1930.•

1930s Girl GuideThe wide brimmed Girl Guide hat had a black felt hatband which bore a trefoil motif flanked by the letters GG embroidered in a golden yellow cotton.
1920s Girl Guide hatband badgeTrefoil Promise badge
Girl Guides wore their Promise badge on the tie or neckerchief which was loosely knotted; I have never seen a Guide wearing a 'woggle'.
The Promise badge shown on the right remains virtually unchanged today. It was one of the few badges allowed to be worn at school and you may often see it in old photographs, pinned to girl's school uniform.
Above her left pocket is the embroidered badge denoting the flower or bird after which her her Patrol six is named.
Her left shoulder is spanned by a tape naming her Guide Troop. From this hangs the 'shoulder knot' usually tapes of two colours which if possible reflect the patrol name. For example 'Robin' Patrol had red and brown ribbons because the robin is a red and brown bird
The Guide shown on the left is a member of the 'Iris' Patrol and her shoulder knot ribbons will be purple and white which reflects the colour of that flower.

Iris patrol badgeNot the right patrol badgeSwallow Patrol

Above photograph taken by W.C.Harvey of Gosport

Interest Badges• • •

• • • before 1922 were on a light background

Pre 1922 interest badgespre 1967 Swimmer badge Post 1922 interest badges

Until 1921-22 interest badges were embroidered in dark blue thread upon white felt or flannel after this date they were mainly olive green thread on a black felt background. This is a very useful photograph dating indication.

1920s Girl Guide with Bicyclegirl guide 1930s