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Post-War • Dawn of a new Era

Children from 1948 into the early Fifties
Post-war clothing Their parents have dressed them well considering that clothes rationing was still in force.
These bright young children would have been born during the Second World War.
What is apparent to me is how the improvement in living conditions is apparent even in a photograph and shows in their faces.
The girl on the right has tucked her headscarf round her neck and wears warm "sensible" clothing including imitation fur mittens, sturdy lace-up shoes and knee socks. Her socks have a diamond patterned top popular at the time.
On her chest is pinned a brooch, probably a character from a comic magazine, as this is a trifle too early for popular television .
The girl shown on the left wears equally sensible clothing for spring or autumn.
The country has almost recovered from the war.
It was at this time free health care (The National Health Service) started. We will soon hold the Festival of Britain A really big exhibition held in London in 1951 to celebrate the end of the post-war austerity Hard times years.
The average British family, did not possess a car, telephone, refrigerator or television but they had, as was later said
"Never had it so good"Harold McMillan the Prime Minister said this during the 1959 election..
Post-war clothing

• Both about 10 years old

• Photo on RHS is stamped on back in violet ink• 20 FEB 1950 • Inscribed: From Gracie xx