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Postwar • 'A' Line Day Dress


Although to us a dress of this style looks rather formal it was popular day wear in the early fifties. This style continued to be worn as a Summer dress until about 1960.
A working girl would have worn a dress such as this daily to the office or shop.
Conveniently the cut concealed the clutter of underwear worn now that stockings had become available again.
An A-line skirt would give a woman more choice in how she appeared but few could afford to own the large wardrobe of clothes some enjoy today. Even more than today, cost was the premier restriction most women had to contend with.

Teenagers and some young women were beginning to become less formal at weekends and holidays.Slacks or shorts could be worn with either a blouse or jumper depending on the weather. Soon jeans would become the predominent casual wear firstly for young men then women but they had yet to establish themselves in Britain.
For young women who wished to conform the A line Day dress was very popular.We would call it smart-casual.

Date estimate 1952

Many of these dresses would be made at home from a paper pattern.