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1914-18 • Corselet Skirt

1912 to 1918

The main feature of the Corselet Skirt was a high waist worn just beneath the bust with no indication of a waistband or belt.
With minor variations the blouse and skirt dominated young women's fashion before and during the Great War.
Some Corselet Skirts had a thick seam/opening running from waist to hem.This seam was worn at the centre or to one side.
Skirt length was usually worn somewhere between mid-ankle and mid-calf.

....and a white skirt in the new corselet style, beltless and fitting tightly right up to the bust----my uncles said it reminded them of a horse blanket.

from "Look Back with Mixed Feelings" autobiography of Dodie Smith
(ie the type of blanket worn wrapped around the waist and legs of waggon drivers.)

Above date about 1917: Age about 16 years old  • Estimate: born 1901 ± 3 years

Inscribed :Mum with love from Ruby