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Post-War • Conforming to Style

This young man is seventeen years old.
Takes 7 seconds then returns
Clothing plays an important role in group indentity. This young man wants to conform. He belongs to the majority at that time.
There was little room for any other style under austerity conditions. Only the slight quiff in his hair hints that he is young and that this was not the late 1930s. Otherwise he is wearing a shirt and tie, a Utility cloth sports jacket and a V neck pullover in the style of an older man. The cufflinks and tobacco pipe are an important part of this image.
The pose comes straight from a 1950s knitting pattern or magazine advert.
His male friends would dress he same.
His parents would approve of the way he looks so would his school or employer.
Girls looking for a steady reliable boyfriend would approve.
Approval is what he wanted.
Next year he will be due for National Service when he should be "called up" to join the Royal Navy, Army or R.A.F.

Inscribed on reverse: Derek Age 17½ Love to Aunty Edith • • • date about 1950 •

• His style says " I am steady and reliable" "I am not a rebel"