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Edwardian  • Eton Collar

• School attendance medals

This young Cockney A Londoner born within the sound of Bow church bells lad wears an Eton a famous school for rich boys style collar and his school attendance medals.
The medals were probably worn especially for the photograph although the collar would be worn to school.
This is not a 'school' photograph and was taken for the parents, who were plainly proud of their son.
There were problems with attendance in London schools, especially in poor areas like Bow, where this was taken. In common with other places, London County Council gave annual medals to pupils for punctual attendance and this boy has five of them.
Three of the four legible medals have the head of King Edward VII who died in 1909. The last is different, probably King George V, who succeeded him. This gives us an accurate date for the photograph.
Many school medals bear the local council coat-of-arms, rather than the King.

Above photograph by H. Harrison, 119 Roman Rd,  Bow

Boy above aged about 10 years - Date about 1910- Born 1900 ±3 years