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Hairstyle   • Bun Hairstyle

The bun or "Cottage Loaf" chosen more for being practical and convenient than any other reason. •••

Internationally this style was and remains a standard for women with long hair.
For centuries women have worn this hairstyle while engaged in their daily work.

It was a choice available to women who did not want to take the irreversible step of adopting a bobbed hairstyle.
The Bun or Cottage loaf is the natural progression from a loose hairstyle.
Nevertheless this is the rightful place to mention the style.
The 1914-18 standard hairstyle, if there was such a thing, is a centre or off-centre parting with a loose low bun at the back.
Many of the portraits where women are facing the camera or wearing domed crown hats she has low a bun at the back.
After the age of seventeen loose long hair was seen as very slightly improper; perhaps more childish or unconventional than indecent.This convention applied even as late as the Twenties.The bun or the earphones hairstyle were often worn until a women chose a bobbed hairstyle. Some remained forever cautious and never took the plunge.

• One of the styles used to postpone adopting a "Bob"