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Edwardian • Feather Boa

about 1907 to 1910
The feather boa never was a practical garment.
It belongs to the era when picture hats were the fashion. Hats were lavishly decorated with feathers, flowers and fruit and the boa added to the feeling of frivolity and fun. Overdressed it may be but being overdressed was the fashion.

There is more than a touch of flamboyance Showing off attached to a feather boa. The Cockney flower seller Eliza Dolittle in the Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion (The film was called "My Fair Lady") usually springs to mind for many people. The feather boa never was refined fashion but was adored by town girls everywhere especially in the East End of London. It gained a reputation of being a garment of slightly poor taste. It must surely have picked up this poor reputation during the Edwardian years despite being worn by all ages and classes.

Above photo: Seaman & son Brighton