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1914-18 War • Blackened Cap Badge

•When the badge is not normally black
Many battalions can trace their origin back to the Local Rifle Volunteers formed in the 1860's who often wore dark green uniforms with black facings.Trimmings and piping and buttons To continue this tradition within the tight restraint of Service uniform, some battalions adopted blackened badges and/or black horn buttons.
The same regiment but the soldier on the right has a blackened cap badge and black horn buttons
The King's (Liverpool) Regt5th Territorial Rifles
 The King's (Liverpool) Regt

• Black Cross Badges worn by Rifle Regiments are covered elsewhere

Any variation from the normal uniform can be worth investigation. Knowing a man's regiment is good but knowing a man's battalion allows more detailed research.

Printed Regimental history books often go into great detail concerning the activities of a particular battalion.When a man joined the army his history was written for him.

Most Territorial battalions covered a local recruitment area which can be useful to know.

Durham Light Infantry 6th Battalion (Bishop Auckland)