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• 1939-45 War • Auxiliary Territorial Service

• ATS • The women's section of the Army
ATS shoulder titleATS cap badgeATS shoulder title
When they were attached On loan to to other army units, ATS girls wore the badge of that unit over the left breast pocket .The wreathed a circle of leaves ATS badge was worn on the cap and a small ATS on each shoulder.
The girl on the right is wearing the small Royal Artillery grenade badge which would indicate that she is part of a Mixed (Men & Women) Anti-Aircraft Battery.The big guns which tried to shoot down enemy bombers.
As above some ATS gunners wore the Royal Artillery white lanyard Loop of knotted string worn round the shoulder on the right shoulder, instead of the orange & brown ATS lanyard.

Royal Artillery badge (small)ATS girl gunners operated the "Predictors"; instruments which calculated the height, speed and direction of enemy aircraft,so the gunners could set their shell fuses.A timing clock, So the shells exploded at the right height.
ATS girls were involved in many different military jobs from cooking and clerical work to lorry mechanics.

Women over 5ft 2in 157.5 cm between the ages of 18 and 50 were eligible to join.

Princess Elizabeth, later to become Queen Elizabeth the second, was in the ATS..

Attached to Royal Army Pay Corps
Attached to Royal Corps of SignalsATS GirlATS