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Twenties •Bar Strap Shoes

from about 1920 to 1927.
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The subject of shoe styles makes a book on its own but to judge from photographs this is the style worn by the majority of women during the Twenties.
The key feature of this shoe is the bar strap which fastens across the instep with either a button or a buckle.
The most common styles, as here, have a pointed toe and Louis heel in which the profile curves to form a waist and then fans out again to the base.
Minor variations in the strap design or upper distinguish one style from another but the basic form remains the same.
Edwardian footwear design reflected more on transport,road and footpath conditions than fashion styles. Footwear had to be practical in a time before cars,trams and buses were readily available to move people from place to place. The time was ripe for footwear to have style and become a fashion item.

• Photograph by Starr & Rignall , Cambridge and Ely