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Edwardian • The Cartwheel hat

Women from about 1905 to 1912

The brim of the Cartwheel hat increased in size until it reached a peak about 1911

Edwardian Cartwheel hat

The cartwheel hat is one of the most influential clothing items of the twentieth century and for women its demise signalled the end of the Edwardian era.
This hat had dictated the hairstyle of the Edwardian women. The loss of the Cartwheel hat together with the high necked blouse , boned corset and high buttoned boots closed the chapter on Edwardian elegance.
These items were the price that had been paid for that elegance. Some women mourned their passing but the next generation saw them as unnecessary restrictions. The young flappers who would form the next generation wanted freedom of moveement.

This was the era of truly enormous hats.

In comparison with the "Picture hat", these later Edwardian hats had modest decoration and were worn lower on the head.

The brim diameter increased dramatically to reach a peek about 1911.
As a general rule felt hats were worn in winter and straw hats in summer.
Hats of this size needed a suitable supporting hairstyle and were secured with hatpins up to twelve inches 30 centimeters long.
However the length of the average hatpin was about five inches 12cm.

Photo above by:De Freyne of Liverpool

Cartwheel hatCartwheel hatCartwheel hat

When the Cartwheel hat ceased to be worn it caused profound changes to all aspects of womens fashion.