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1914-18 War • Yeomanry

• Royal Gloucestershire (Yeomanry) Hussars
Royal Gloucestershire (Yeomanry) Hussars
If Territorials Soldiers could be labelled part-time infantry; Yeomanry were part-time Cavalry.
The Yeomanry provided the cavalry element of Britain's Territorial Force.
Some Yeomanry cap badges are distinctive but include a group of star shaped badges difficult to see in photographs.
One clue is that Yeomanry often appear in photographs wearing the (1903 pattern) ammunition bandolier and spurs, as did many mounted troops.The waist belt ammunition pouches were not practical for men on horseback.
However both the Royal Field Artillery and the Army Service Corps troops favoured bandoliers and spurs.The number of men serving in the RFA and ASC was enormous compared with those in the Yeomany; so be careful not to jump to conclusions.

• Many Yeomanry were dismounted later in the war and became infantry battalions.

• The 1/1 Battalion of this Regiment fought as infantry at Gallipoli and cavalry in Palestine