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1914-18 War • Y.M.C.A

• Young Men's Christian Association • • • Young Women's Christian Association
These havens were provided by the YMCA as an alternative to the bars and cafes which otherwise would be the only places of rest.
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The war sent thousands of young people travelling around Britain and the Continent.
Many of them were away from their homes and villages for the first time in their life.
Some were vulnerable and náive Nye-eve : means Not very streetwise. The YMCA or its smaller sister organization the YWCA (for women) established clubs and canteens both at home and abroad.
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This was an extension of the role they played in large cities since they were founded in the mid nineteenth century.
A typical YMCA hut might sell cups of tea or cocoa for a penny, have a lending library and run evening classes.
Most had a "quiet room" where troops could read, write or pray. You will often see letters to home from troops written on YMCA paper.

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