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1939-45  • Women's Land Army

• Land Girl • The WLA was reformed in January 1939•
WLA Landgirls
WLA Badge
The Women's Land Army which originated in the First World War was reformed for the Second World War
The WLA was organized on a county basis.
Land Girls were sent to work on farms all over the country.
Photographs of Land Girls can be identified from items of uniform, the most distinctive being the roomy corduroy knee breeches and the knee socks.
WLA Girls were offered to farmers to replace men called up for military service. Two Land Girls could be allocated to replace one male farm worker. Aged from 17 upwards approximately 90,000 Land Girls were enrolled, they worked about 60 hours per week.Some girls lodged at the farms where they worked others were housed in hostels.

Above left photograph of Miss June Perry enrolled in the Women's Land Army 1943 to 1946-Photograph by Malby.

Date 1943: Age about 20 years old  • Estimate: born 1923± 3 years