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Twenties • Knitwear with Tassels

• Handknitted pullovers would be trimmed with tassels or shaped with a waist cord.
twenties knitwear

As well as the popular openwork tops of the twenties you may often see handknitted woollen pullovers usually in two shades of yarn knitted in garter stitch, stocking stitch or moss stitch. Many have tassels or bobbles hanging from the neckline which serve no purpose other than decoration.
Another noticable style seen involves a pull cord at the waist sometimes combined with a scalloped welt.

If you want to understand the knitwear designs of the twenties you must appreciate how the poor quality of the woollen yarn at that time would produce a garment lacking in spring even in the rib stitch sections.
The fibres from this time were hard and lifeless. Ribbed socks and stockings would not stay up and the bodies, cuffs, and sleeves of pullovers soon hung loose and shapeless.Woollens would easily become misshapen and were prone to felting and shrinking in the wash.
Even in a decade when a woman's waist was not emphasised many of these waist cords would be necessary to correct this tendency for knitwear to hang like a sack.
I sometimes doubt if it would be possible to recreate a faithful replica of the styles shown here using today's wonderful knitting yarns.

Above photograph inscribed: Love from Nell Xmas 1920

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twenties knitweartwenties knitweartwenties knitweartwenties knitwear