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1914-18 War • Territorial Force Nursing Service

The Territorial Army Nursing Service was formed in 1908 •TANS.
TFNS silver badgeWhite-metal letter T
They wore a grey dress with white apron and cap. TFNS nurses can be distinguished by the metal letter T worn on each corner of the red edged slate-grey cape. Every nurse also wore a badge in the form of a sterling silver medal on the right side of the cape. This badge was suspended from a red ribbon with a white central stripe.
TANS staff were fully trained and qualified Nurses. In common with the whole Territorial Force they were never intended to serve outside the United Kingdom. However with the outbreak of war TANS nurses joined their Queen Alexandra's Imperial Nursing Service colleagues in military hospitals at home and abroad.

Above photograph by Van Trolga's Studio

Endorsed in ink: On Active Service 1914