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Twenties • One-piece Costume

•  Early Twenties Ladies Swimwear

These photographs show similar one piece costumes typical of the early-twenties.

The wrap and drawers of the Edwardian bathing costume have gone but the legs still reach almost to the knee.
Costumes are made from knitted fabric and have a bateau, scooped or V necklines.
It was common for openings to be trimmed with a contrasting edging tape.
These costumes are made for swimming as well as paddling and bathing.
It would be around this time that the phrase "swimming costume" joined the older "bathing costume" as a fashion term in Britain.

In those days rivers and lakes were less polluted and freshwater swimming was far more popular than it is today.

All bathers aged about 18 years old  • Photographs date from about 1924  •

Taken at a Girl Guide camp 1920's