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Edwardian • The Sports Cardigan

Autumn and Winter casual wear for young women from about 1905 to 1915
This young Edwardian wears a knitted Sports cardigan. With her wide Edwardian hairstyle she would favour a cardigan over a Sports Jersey or pullover. Younger women were moving away from boned foundation garments and tailored woven outer wear
This is another example of casual autumn and winter clothing.
These cardigans were hip length and designed for the tennis court or other outdoor pursuit.
woman with tennis raquetHand knitting had gained popularity as a ladies pastime in late Victorian Britain. Both patterns and yarns were readily available to produce these garments at home.

A pastime such as hand knitting allowed a person to be occupied and productive both attributes admired greatly by our Edwardian relatives.

To judge from photographs it appears to have been a trend at some stage to leave the top three buttons undone.

For the next half century the term Sports was applied to other casual wear.