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1914-18 War • The Sporran

• Full dress only- not worn on service
Queen's Own Cameron
Argyll and Sutherland
also the Cameronians
(Scottish Rifles)
Black Watch
14th County of London Battalion
" London Scottish"
Both the sporran and tassels on the London Scottish sporran are dark hair making it similar to the "Liverpool Scottish" sporran below.
The plain purse top and St Andrew cross badge can help identify the sporran but it is the plain "Hodden" grey kilt worn by this battalion which leaves no doubt this man belongs to the London Scottish.
10th King's Liverpool Battalion
"Liverpool Scottish"
The two dark tassels can show up on the slightly lighter hair of the sporran. This together with the Kings Regiment horse and metal opening on the purse clasp help identify the sporran.
The battalion "Forbes" clan tartan has a distinct square grid of white lines.