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Twenties  • Glasses

Twenties spectacles: horn rimmed, tortoiseshell and early plastic.
glasses 1920 s

During the 1920s glasses became a feature of the wearers face no longer designed to be unobtrusive.
Prior to this glasses had been rimless or had thin wire frames.
Advances in plastics allowed production of frames for glasses usually in imitation tortoiseshell or black.
The nose bridge and arms usually remained bright wire,
Spectacle wearers are reluctant to change what is after all a feature of their character. You will find both Edwardian Pince Nez and the oval lenses which followed, during the Great War, being worn during the twenties.

Circular lenses were the predominent fashion.

twenties glasses

Above left dated about 1929: Age about 15 years old  • Estimate: born 1914 ± 3 years

glasses 1920glasses 1920glasses 1920
glasses 1920glasses 1920glasses 1920glasses 1920