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1914-18 • The Smock Style Dress

• about 1917-19

Reminiscent of Munition's workers overall this style appeared at the end of the war.
Some have Munitions style belts with button adjustment others have simple tie belts. They usually have a falling collar which can be in a contrasting fabric.

Some of these dresses are less flattering than others. Some versions are rather shapeless. It can be difficult to distinguish between this popular fashion and a Munitions Worker.
The absence of a cap and the style of buttons can help you decide. Fashion smocks will usually have cloth covered buttons. However there are no rules and you will have to use your judgement.
There is a fine line between a well styled overall and a badly cut smock dress.

The influence of Munitions worker's clothing and these late war fashions upon each other is plain to see.

Date about 1918: Age about 17 years old  • Estimate: born 1901 ± 3 years