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1914-18 War • Signaller's Armband

Signaller Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
Queen's Regiment soldier with signallers armband
The most distinct armband frequently seen in photographs is the white over blue signallers brassard. A qualified signaller also wore a pair of brass crossed flags on his left forearm.
The armband made a signaller recognisable at a distance.
Some wore one on each arm.
It was a signallers job to send and receive messages and commands from different part of the battlefield.
Communications was extremely important in the trenches and relied upon many differing techniques from runners to telephones.

The Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers had large signals sections.
Most other armbands seen in photographs are either a plain colour and therefore meaningless or have initials such as MP for Military Police. Stretcher bearers wore a Red Cross armband.

• Some Officers wore plain coloured armbands but not often in photographs.