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1914-18 War •Army • Shoulder Titles

• Brass Cut-out Regimental Titles
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
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These brass regimental titles were worn on a soldier's epaulettes and can help us to identify his army unit when no cap badge is visible. The ability to read these cutout titles from acute angles is an art. The letter T above a title indicates a territorial battalion.
By the end of the war a number of regiments had adopted cloth titles.
Early on many of the London Territorial Rifle battalions changed to cloth patches with the initials of the unit for example POR (Post Office Rifles) CSR(Civil Service Rifles) LRB (London Rifle Brigade) PSR (Poplar & Stepney Rifles).
Towards the end of the war some displayed cloth slip-on titles on their epaulettes or wore Division signs. Which regiment a man belonged to became less relevant.
Most frequently seen cloth titles are The Guards Regiments and The Royal Flying Corps.

• In the 1914-18 war the vast majority of shoulder titles were brass.