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1914-18  • Girls Sailor Suit

• Popular fashion for girls around 1914
The Sailor suit for small boys spans three or four decades around the turn of the century but was especially popular in Edwardian times.
At the beginning of the Great War the fashion was taken up by young women. At first it was seen seen as a patriotic gesture at a time when women were unable to make any practical contribution to the war effort. The popularity wained as the war intensified.

Often seen worn by girls in their mid-teens with the Large Bow.
The same generation of girls seem to have continued the trend by adopting plain falling collars later during the Great war when they were slightly older; perhaps involved in munitions work.

Above photograph by Gale's Studios Ltd of Manchester •Inscribed " Do you know who this is ?"

•  If undated estimate at aged 16 in 1914• pivot year of birth 1898