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1914-18 War • Royal Naval Division

• Ordinary Seaman • R.N.D
The R.N.D was formed from sailors of the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve who were trained and fought as infantrySoldiers who fight on foot. At first they retained the Naval uniform and cap as shown here. His cap tally Black ribbon with gold letters worn round the cap. which would normally be the name of a ship reads- ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION.

Five battalionsA battalion is about 1000 soldiers. were formed each named after a famous Admiral Anson,Drake, Hawke, Hood & Nelson.

All were in the 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.

• Leading Seaman • RND- Anson Battalion
ANSON-nil desperandum
In May 1916 the Royal Naval Division changed their Naval uniform for for Army Service dress. This leading seaman wears a brass Anson battalion badge on an Army style cap. However on his left arm he wears the Royal Navy red anchor Leading Seaman rank badge ,with its Army equivalent, corporal stripes, on his right. Beneath his shoulder seam is the rectangular dark blue over light blue patch worn by the Anson Bn.
Anson cloth patch

This sailor has three wound stripes on his cuff which indicates not simply three wounds but a wound in three separate actions.

Inscribed on the front : yours Inscribed on the back:I'm still waiting

• L/S Anson Bn • Estimate:from the cap style 1917