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1914-18 War • Royal Naval Air Service

The branch of the Royal Navy which flew and maintained aircraft.
At the time when the Army were investigating the use of aircraft in land warfare the Royal Navy were investigating the use of aircraft off-shore.
Both services had the necessary mechanical experience.
The Army service was called the Royal Flying Corps and the Navy service was the Royal Naval Air Service.
The primary use of both services was initially intelligence gathering but as the war progressed Aircraft became a weapon of war. This man wears a red albatross and propeller on his right sleeve which indicates he is an Air Mechanic. The double breasted jacket with black naval buttons were later replaced by a single breasted army style tunic with an albatross/eagle beneath each shoulder seam and brass "eagle" buttons with a rope rim.The cap badge anchor was replaced about the same time with an albatross/eagle.
The Royal Flying Corp had never displayed any bird as part of its insignia.

In April 1918 The Royal Air Force came into being which absorbed both the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps.

A flying bird on the right sleeve of a sailor is the indication of the R.N.A.S

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