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1914-18 War • Royal Flying Corps

The RFC were a corps of the Army formed to operate aircraft.
The invention of powered Aircraft at the turn of the century was quickly exploited by the military.
At first they acted as observers from the air.They progressed to dropping darts on the enemy.
Aircraft were later fitted with machine guns and bombs.
Aerial combat was born.
Naturally more RFC men acted as ground crew than actually flew.

RFC members wore a similar kakhi drab uniform as the infantry but cut with a distinctive fly front covering the chest.It was known in jest as a "maternity smock".On each shoulder was a cloth title ,white on dark navy blue "Royal Flying Corps"
The RFC wore the pattern of side cap adopted by the army in the Second World War.
The Admiralty operated The Royal Naval Air Service
In April 1918 the RFC and the RNAS were combined to form the RAF.

Photographer: S. Guilleminot. Boespflug t Cte- Paris

Inscribed on the reverse in ink: To Winnie with love from George