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1914-18 War • Royal Army Medical Corps

• An RAMC Corporal
RAMC CorporalShoulder titleRAMC Cap badgesleeve badge
The quantity of men wounded and injured in this war was on a scale never seen before or since.
The RAMC went out into "no man's land"The land between the enemy trenches and ours unarmed during and after each action, to tend to the wounded and dying; and bring them back. That is what this corporal did. In modern terms he would be called a paramedic.

The overseas service chevrons on his right cuff indicate he was in his third year abroad. Many were themselves wounded . This man was, as the wound stripe on his left cuff shows.
He has been awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field. medal ribbon  The distinctive MM ribbon stands out clearly in photographs.On each arm is a round red cross badge worn by all RAMC troops.
In the RAMC many of the Officers were Doctors.

• Inscribed on the front : Yours Irving  6-4-18

• Estimate: There can't be many RAMC Corporals with the Military Medal called Irving