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1914-18 War • Postwoman

The GPO had offices in every town and village.They dealt with all Mail and many government functions such as licences and pensions..

The G.P.O - General Post Office

A postwoman about 1917GPO hat badge & Collar badges with Staff number
GPO collar badge GPO Hat badge
GPO button The GPO cypher is so ornate it is bearly readable.

The sight of a Postwoman may be commonplace to us but Edwardian Postwomen were rare.
Before the Great War women just could not apply for some jobs.
Women could be found behind Post Office counters but generally Postmen delivered the letters.

Women did not work on buses or trams. Women did not work in engineering. There were no Policewomen or women in the Armed Forces. The list is endless.

Women had been told ( and truly believed ) that they were not suitable to do many jobs in society. Women still did not have the vote.

As able bodied Postmen left to fight in the war, Postwomen were appointed to replace them.
In 1916 postwomen were issued with a blue straw hat,blue serge coat and skirt and boots. They also had a waterproof cape and skirt for foul weather. This woman would not have seen herself as part of a revolution, but she was.

• At the time they saw themselves as doing a job while the men were fighting at the front.

• Above Postwoman GPO 684 • • • Photographer: W.Rankin Glasgow • • • Written on back:-Mrs Stewart