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Twenties  • Plus Fours

• Middle and Upper Class men
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This was sports casual wear of the day.
In common with most extremes of style these distinctive trousers are not often seen in photographs.
More likely to be seen in outdoor snaps, as here, rather than those taken in a studio.
Here worn with a Sports Jacket and V necked pullover but paired with a necktie and pocket handkerchief.

This look will be forever associated with the game of golf. It was golfers who adopted plusfours and carried them through into the thirties.
When introduced they were four inches longer than normal trousers which allowed the deep fold below the knee; hence the name plus fours.
More than anything else this photograph tells a family historian about the status, or aspirations and character of the man.

About 1925 aged about 24 born 1901 ±4 years