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1914-18 War • Officer's Uniform

• Army • Second Lieutenant in the Suffolk Regiment
Suffolk Regt officer A pip
All Officers wore this style of uniform which, they purchased themselves.
The buttons are brass, the cap badge and collar badges have a dark brown finish.
All are Suffolk Regiment pattern.
The Sam Brown Belt with a strap over one shoulder belt was worn by all the Allies The Countries on our side to indicate officer status.
He has a single pip on each cuff indicating his rank. Unfortunately this distinctive scalloped cuff style worn in the first years of the war, made officers an easy target for the enemy and the pips were soon moved to the epaulettes Cloth strip on top of each shoulder where they are worn to this day. Scottish Officers had a different shaped cuff. .

Only the rank on the cuffs, the pin behind his tie and the puttees Strip of cloth wound round the leg from ankle to knee tell us that this is the First World War. Otherwise this same style of uniform was worn by officers in World War Two.
Second Lieutenant The British say LEFtenant the U.S say LOOtenant is the lowest Officer rank. These young Officers led their men in trench raids and battles, armed only with a revolver. They had a very high casualty rate.
Scottish regiment Officer cuff

Photograph by J.H.Jamieson of Nelson, Preston & Wrexham • Inscribed on the front : Sincerely yours J.W Bryant

• 2nd Lt Suffolk Regiment • Estimate: 1915