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Twenties • Laurence the Portrait Specialists

• This Chain of Photographers was prominent throughout the 1920s
Many albums of family portraits taken during the 1920s include a Laurence photograph.
Like most large chains Laurence were attracted to the larger town and cities but mainly in the Midlands.
A Leicester based Company in one list of branches they show none in in Scotland, Wales,London or Manchester.

Sadly in common with the other large Photographic chains they did not print the branch on the back or date stamp the print.
Other medium sized chains print a selection of branches on the back but often do not specify which branch was used. At least with Laurence, without evidence to the contrary, we can presume which decade we are looking at.
The following two decades were dominated by the Jerome Chain of photographers.

• A Laurence portrait is most likely to date from the 1920s