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Twenties hairstyle • Kisscurl

• Quaint deliberate addition to a hairstyle from about 1924 to 1929
twenties hairstyle kisscurl A kisscurl was just a small touch to either a Bobbed or Shingled hairstyle.

It appeared to be a stray curl on the forehead but much attention must have been given to maintaining a kisscurl.
A subtle kisscurl had the effect of softening the slick look of an Eton Crop or an Orchid Bob.
A more prominent kisscurl provided feature on the wearers forehead.
Bear in mind that this was the era of cloche hats and the kisscurl would appear from beneath the brim at the front of a hat when worn.
The curl was always located at the parting as an apparent rebel lock of hair which had separated from one side or the other.
You may also see a group of kisscurls in the same position.
At the time it was reputed that the number of kisscurls worn by a girl represented the number of times she had been kissed (I presume by different boys).
This means "Rene" shown here on the left has only been kissed once, as have most of these girls.
It also explains why the girl shown on the bottom row on the left is smiling.

• Above photograph by Raeburn of Oxford St London

Above date about 1928: Age about 18 years old  • Estimate: born 1910 ± 3 years

twenties hairstyle kisscurltwenties hairstyle kisscurltwenties hairstyle kisscurl