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Twenties • Handkerchief Dress


This dress hangs the same as a bias-cut garment but does not discard any material.

The bodice is I think shaped and cut normally but the skirt section hangs to handkerchief points.
Clothing made from bias-cut so the weave is diagonal rather than square to the floor material clings and floats in a manner which is feminine and flattering.
In a decade when women did little to emphasise or promote the feminine shape the ability biase material has to cling to a woman's body was, in evening wear at least, a touch of femininity. The uneven hem length from which stockinged calves appeared was another aspect of these evening only dresses.

Above dates from about 1925: Age about 18 years old  • Estimate: born 1907 ± 3 years

Inscribed 'To Winnie wishing you the very best of luck & wishes Jane'