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Twenties • Georgette

• use of see-through material....about 1918 to 1924

Lace had always been cited as the material which both concealed and revealed. So did georgette.

Progress in semi-synthetic fibres produced "artificial silk" which was especially suitable for Georgette production.
Georgette is a fine transparent plain weave crepe fabric similar to Chiffon . The threads (about 40 per centimeter) are hard twisted.

Commonly seen as a lined garment with satin or metallic thread surface decoration georgette was mainly used for see-through sleeves and inserts.
Exactly what was concealed and what was revealed was very carefully calculated.
This was still an age when every woman guarded her reputation.

It was alright to be "dashing" twenties slang for 'hot' but not to be "fast" twenties slang for slutty. Nothing changes.

"Ah but there were 'see-through' fashions in those days too-but what was seen through georgette blouses were elaborate camisole tops"
from "Look Back with Mixed Feelings" autobiography of Dodie Smith

Photograph above from about 1920: Age about 16 years old  • Estimate: born 1904 ± 3 years