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Edwardian  • Transitional hairstyle

from after 1911 to about 1915 •

Edwardian hairstyles were largely dictated by the millinery hat making trade.
When the cartwheel hat fell from favour after its peak in 1911 this hairstyle was a natural progression.
This style was underneath the swaithed mushroom and boater hats popular just before the Great War. It can be seen worn with both elaborate high turtle neck blouses worn by early Edwardian ladies and the round neck then shallow V necked blouses which followed them.
Nobody likes to make sudden changes in their appearance. We all like to observe trends develop before we decide whether to adopt them or not. Edwardians were no different.
Women abandoned their wide padded Edwardian hairstyles with their boned corsets.These were small steps on the road to female emancipation which would be accelerated by the events of the Great War which followed.

It is not difficult to follow this transition from wide padded styles through side swirls to the low bun.

• Photograph above by C.F.Wiggins of Blackpool   •

Hair which had previously needed on each side to support the large hats was swept behind.

Edwardian hairstyleEdwardian hairstyleEdwardian hairstyle
Edwardian hairstyle>

It is not difficult to follow the transition from wide padded styles through side swirls to the low bun.