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wartime fashion  • Hair in curlers

Lifted hairstyle 1940's (& 50's)• Social History only

A woman would sleep in her curlerswound round metal mesh tubes if she wanted to wear a hairstyle the next day. More commonly, women at home with children or out shopping would wear their hair in "curlers" during the day. The same applied to women and girls working in the factories.
The head would be covered usually with a head scarf, knotted under the chin or worn as a turban. This woman wears a mob cap.
In the evening the curlers would be taken out and the lifted hairstyles of the era created.
Sugarwhich was rationed& water was used to hold the style, in place of hair laquer.

I can only surmise that this woman did not intend to have her photograph taken but has been obliged to join her son because he was unwilling to pose alone.

Photograph poss. by E.Wells of Lancing

Extremely common sight but not normally seen in photographs