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1914-18 War • Infantry Service Cap

The Army • • • Welsh and English Regiments
Stiff Serge capCap with earflapsSoft stitched-peak cap
1914 to 1819151917 onward
South Staffordshire RegtDuke of Cornwall's Light InfantryLeicestershire Regiment
The troops went to war in 1914 with nothing more than the stiff serge Type of rough wool cloth service cap to protect their head. Scottish Regiments wore their own variety of bonnets.The first winter in the trenches inspired the army to issue a cap in 1915 with earflaps which were worn buttoned over the crown . Nicknamed the "Gorblimey" Cockney for--Oh my goodness!, it was unpopular and not seen often in photographs.
The "Brodie" Named after the man who designed it protective steel helmet was first issued in 1916.
A practical soft, cotton cap, which could be kept in a pocket, when the helmet was worn, was issued the following year. It has distinctive rows of stitching on the peak.