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Twenties  • Swaithed Hairstyle

from about 1915 to 1923 ••• One of the styles used to condense long hair. .
swaithed hairstyle

Prudent women chose to delay the irreversable adoption of a Bobbed hairstyle.
With the demise of the long hairstyles the Swaithed style was an option to mimic the shorter styles without cutting.
The surplus hair was swathed around the head and pinned at the back.
This style together with Earphones and the Bun form a group which evolved for similar reasons. However unlike the other two this style did not continue to be used after the mid-twenties.We could speculate that as the majority of women eventually chose to wear shorter styles that this was perhaps a temporary solution pending making that important decision.

• Photo: Albert Hester Upper Clapton London NE

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