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1914-18 • The Great War   Low Bun Hairstyle (Chignon)

from 1914 until the bobbed styles.
This hairstyle dominated the Great War years. Seen from the front it appears to be a short hairstyle but rarely is.
The French word chignon (pronounced: sheen-yon) is used to describe hair gathered in a loose bun at the back of the neck. It is a word I have seen written many times but have never heard it used in normal conversation.
The young flappers of the day when they reached the age of about seventeen often adopted this style.
All variations have a centre or side parting. Her hair is swept back and has none of the cut edges at either front or sides, we expect in a bob.

Women of the day were not quite ready for bobbed styles.Her hair might be shortened but nothing drastic. Some would retain a single plait but more often they chose other methods of controlling their hair at the back.The favourite was a loose bun worn just above the nape back of the neck between head and shoulders. of the neck. Alternatively hair could be gathered at one or both sides of a woman's head low enough to allow her to wear the hat styles of the day.The popular domed crown hat could be worn resting on the top of a bun at the back.

Date about 1918: Age about 17 years old  • Estimate: born 1901 ± 3 years

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The two photographs above are not of the same girls but they serve to illustrate the point.