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1914-18 War • Arched Brim Hat

About 1917 to 1919 • Usually seen in straw plait but winter hats were made of felt.

It is the style of wearing the brim with a curved arch which makes this hat stand out in photographs.

This was the last appearance of broad brimmmed hats before the Bobbed hairstyles and close fitting hats of the next two decades took over.
Once again the hairstyle underneath had a large influence on the design. Most women would be capable of home millinery and I would speculate that some of these hats would be remodelled Cartwheel hats from before the Great War.
In most hairstyles from this time the longer hair at the back will be coiled in a bun or controlled by some other method. Broad brimmed hats need a hat-pin and they are often seen worn with this style of hat.
It is plain from photographic evidence that this hat and the Three button belted tunic were contemporaries; they are often seen worn together.

• The style of hat varies but is always worn with a distinctive arched brim. •


1919 arch brim hatarch brim hatarch brim hat