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1914-18 War • Army Service Corps

The ASC were responsible for the supply and transport of equipment and troops during the war.
worn this way up until Nov 1916 ASC cap badgeASC shoulder title47th Division
ASC 37th DivisionBoth ASC soldiers shown here are wearing Divisional badges on their upper arm. The man on the left has the yellow horseshoe badge of the 37th (New Army) Division.
The man on the right has the "Dutch Tile" badge of the 47th (2nd London) Division.
Too often with troops of the large army units such as the Army Service Corps Corps is always pronounced: CORE it is difficult to discover further information about a soldier's service. Even with a man's name rank and number an individual becomes lost among such large quantities of men unless we are able to narrow down our search.
Sadly Divisional badges, a tremendous help on this point, are not common in photographs.
ASC 47th Division
The 37th Divisional ASC consisted of four companies 288, 289,290 & 291.
The 47th Divisional ASC consisted of four companies 455, 456, 457, & 458.
It was one of the ASC's responsibilities to provide meals to the troops in the front line.
Their nickname was "The Jam Stealers" due to a rumour that the ASC had taken all the strawberry jam, leaving only the less desirable plum &apple jam for the infantry.

Left hand Photo Houlton Bros, Trowbridge--Right hand Photograph by Albert Edge, Wilmslow Studio